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January 2012 we spent 12 wonderful but very busy days in 
Singapore! We were there to see the sights of what Singapore has to offer - that alone was well worth our time there - but for us our trip there was two-fold!    
One of my babies, Gizmo, was adopted by a Singapore family. They came to Adelaide in Sept to meet their new boy and check us, as breeders, out - I guess we passed! When we arrived in January I realised that I didn't only send a pup over but we also gained great friends - they welcomed us as family and introduced us to their beautiful country! Gizmo was almost 6 months by the time we saw him - he is a very well adjusted apartment dog and very much loved by his family. Did he recognise us? I think -YES - by the welcome we received!




Thank you for your friendship and hospitality - you made our time in Singapore very special - Merril, Alice and Gwenyth!



Kumo is the first westie that I sent to Singapore - I had never met his family prior to this so it was very exciting to finally meet with Alvin, Esther and Kumo. He is also very much loved member of their family and has adjusted very well to the climate. We first met at the Westie Club day out then we enjoyed some time getting to know them over lunch on Sunday 15th - thankyou for your hospitality.


While we were in Singapore, the westie club were meeting at their Botanical Gardens on the 14th for breakfast. This was a great opportunity to meet with other westies and their owners - we sat and ate breakfast, then after a quick introduction we then headed off on the path for a walk. Unfortunately it started heating up well so no-one hung around. It was all too quick and in no time we were saying our 'good-bye' and heading back to the car.








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