Questadore Kennels

Code Of Practice


As a registered member of Dogs S.A. I am bound by their code of ethics - part of is:-


No pup or dog bred or owned by me will be sold to a pet shop
No pup or dog bred or owned by me will be used as a raffle prize
No pup I breed will leave here prior to 8 weeks of age
No pup will leave here if they are unwell
All pups will leave here with a comprehensive care booklet
For further information about the Dogs S.A. Code of Ethics please view their website 





- socialised at early age with family members

-  raised as part of our family in our home.

- colour coded to monitor their progress from birth till adoption

-  wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age

- vet checked and C3 vaccinated at 6 weeks of age

- leave here with comprehensive care booklet, vaccination certificate and soft toy/rug with the scent of the  mother and siblings

- sold as PETS are done so with desexing conditions - these pups can not be shown or bred from.

 -  adopted with assurance of lifetime support and assistance 

 -  offered first clip at 3 - 4 months free - this is a great opportunity for the new owner to ask any   questions that they may have about their baby!


All My adults -

 - Are valued members of our family and are not kennel dogs

- have been sought after for their sound temperament and to the best of my knowledge are free of genetic disorders

- are first valued family members then show dogs then if suitable I may breed the occasional litter. 



Contact Details

Adelaide, SA, Australia
Phone : 0404018238
Email : [email protected]